We Buy Your Used Machinery - All Brands

At scansteel foodtech Group we do understand that your used machinery and equipement still represent a value. 

As part of scansteel's normal business routines we let used equipment be part of a business deal when our customers buy new scansteel machinery and equipment.

Typical examples of machinery and equipment we buy back:

  • Grinders:       Wolfking/CFS, Weiler, KS, Cozzini, Seydelmann, Laska
  • Mixers:          Wolfking/CFS, Weiler, KS, Cozzini, Seydelmann, Laska
  • Emulsifiers:    Wolfking/CFS, KS, Cozzini, Seydelmann
  • Bowl chopper: K&G, Seydelmann, KS, Laska

Contact you local scansteel foodtech representative or contact us directly and we shall be pleased to establish contact with our local representative.

To see all our used machins click here.